Environmentally Safe

We here at Surecare want to protect you and your family’s health from chronic respiratory illnesses that can be related to ingesting poisonous lung-damaging chemical gases lingering in the air. We take the time to consider the impact that harsh chemicals play in destroying the environment. Millions of liters of harmful chemicals get poured down the drain each year. This pollutes the air environment, waterways. These chemicals interfere with our plants, fish, wildlife and not everything in between.Recycling arrows and blue earth. Vector illustration

Take extreme precautions when utilizing a potential hazardous product (i.e.: solvents, phosphate, chlorine, ammonia and petroleum-based ingredients) as they can surprisingly be found in a plethora of commonly used product.


  • Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaners
  • Scouring Powders / Creams
  • All Purpose Cleaners
  • Fragrances / Scents
  • Furniture Polishes
  • Bleaching Agents
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Enzyme Cleaners
  • Glass Cleaners
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Metal Polishes
  • Air Fresheners
  • Swiffer Cloths
  • Oven Cleaners
  • Antibacterial Solutions
  • Disinfectants
  • Detergents
  • Dish Soap

The following substances are not allowed down drains – Radioactive Waste / Hazardous Chemical Waste / Untreated Biohazardous Waste / Solids / Sludge / Viscous Substances / Corrosive pH Levels / Grease or Oil / Hot Temperatures (66°C or Higher) In Volumes Of More Than 45.5L.

Surecare makes a point to work alongside like minded and reputable chemical companies that work hard to produce Green Seal compliant products. We tell you this because, we want our customers to remember that by simply making the choice to partner with Surecare, you are actively participating in the progression of the global environmental initiative. And that is definitely something we can all be proud of.