Surecare Commercial Janitorial is experienced in working in certified environments; it is this knowledge that sets us apart. We will provide a professional approach to fulfilling the scope of work, integrate with your companies GMP’s, document the work and provide reports that grade the performance of the crew and documents the completion of the master cleaning schedule.

7 questions that should be asked of any 3rd party janitorial service provider:

      • Are your employees insured, bonded and covered by WCB?
      • Are your employees actually employees? (Many contracts are resold as a franchise or sub contracts)
      • Are there supervisory inspections and monthly reports and a 24/7-point of contact?
      • Ask to see the HR documentation for training modules
      • Ask to see the documents for WHIMS, level 1 first aid, GMP, Health and Safety and Background checks
      • Ask to see the policy on the security of the client site.

We offer a comprehensive range of services in all Sectors:


      • Transportation / Logistic Services
            • Cleaning services catered for day to day cleaning of high-traffic environments such as airports, railway stations, bus terminals and ferries offering rapid cabin cleaning or in-depth detailed work. We also offer waterline and tank ozone treatment and testing as well as emergency response decontamination.
      • Hotel Services
      • Shopping Centers
      • Hospitals
      • Airports
      • Healthcare Centers
      • Laboratories
      • Educational Facilities
      • Disaster Recovery
      • Technical Services



Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning services tailored for day to day maintenance of buildings, shopping complexes, trade centres, condominiums, factories, workshops, warehouses, sport stadiums and complexes, corporate office, school halls, hospitals, concert halls and theme parks.Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

We use industrial sanitation skills in the cleaning of commercial kitchens. Specialized equipment, protocols and skills are used to maintain the kitchen, including the back bar, venting, drains, refrigeration, grease-traps, inceptors and hoods.

Warehouse Cleaning

We specialize in warehouse cleaning and sanitizing of interiors, exteriors, ceilings and total package for cleaning your facility, including masking, waterproofing and air drying.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Our floor treatments, applications and cleaning systems are tailored for the maintenance of all types of floor finishes. We can strip and wax, buff, refinish or apply industrial coatings.

Carpet Cleaning and Encapsulation

On carpets, we can use steam extraction or encapsulation. We offer and recommend maintenance programs for commercial establishments, to preserve the value of the carpet and extend its useful lifespan.

Exterior Maintenance Services

Edge, mow and blow yard services, external pressure washing of sidewalks, awnings, and parking lots as well as seasonal winterizing and de-icing are just a few of our exterior services. The most common is window cleaning and we can handle any job of any size. We have IRATA trained level 1, 2, & 3, for high angel rope work.