Surecare’s Staffing Services is licensed, bonded and fully insured non-unionized in house organization that attracts and selects quality reliable English proficient staffing labor. We look for knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, educational and achievement and other related characteristics designed to succeed in the food service, production, manufacturing, warehouse, packaging, janitorial, sanitation, brewery, winery and hotel industries. Our adherence to best practice principles, literacy assessments and our strict recruitment and selection process, ensures that whether your needs are short notice, temporary, full-time, direct-hire, contract or positions for an indefinite period of time, from 1 to 100 staff, entry level to more skilled positions. We flexible and adaptable and can facilitate all your staffing requirements with fully trained and dedicated legally qualified labor.

We have a large talent pool to draw from, and we are totally committed to giving you a diverse range of competent candidates for your company. We are proud to create above average jobs in the community that offer fair living wages, decent benefits, incentives, bonuses, employee recognition and employee referral programs. We promote from within and believe in retention rather than recruitment and by treating our employees with dignity and respect and providing company events and dinners and a family atmosphere to thrive in, we create an amazing loyalty retention rate of 98%.

We provide staff with industry experience and standardized training that is documented and repeated on an annual basis, any deviation in frequency is dependent on the specific company compliance requirements. We promote and provide ethical standards and equal opportunities for all candidates based on the duties, responsibilities and physical demands for each available position. Each employee is rated through structured periodical performance evaluations at 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year, and all reviews will include the following criteria, complaints, commendations, attendance, teamwork, train ability, performance leadership and quality of work. Our complete on boarding program includes: Code of Ethics, Discrimination Policy, Harassment Policy, Media Policy, Security Policy, and Violence in Workplace Policy, Attendance Policy, Occupational Health & Safety Policy and GMP’s.