Surecare production-employee staffing provides trained manpower into your facility at three levels:

The staffing trainee is trained in:

  • Introduction to Surecare policies and procedures
  • Surecare’s commitment to Health and Safety
  • Surecare’s requirments and adherence to company GMP’s

The staffing employee level 1 has additional training of:

  • Client site GMP
  • Client site Orientation

The staffing employee level 2 is:

  • Cross-trained at Client site

The staffing employee level 3 is trained as a lead-hand:

  • Level 1 first aid
  • Stakeholder Viewpoints
  • Introduction to RCA
  • Introduction to non-compliance and corrective-actions
  • Introduction to the deviation report
  • Introduction to a zero-fault work environment


We are always researching and developing and investing in new cutting edge systems, training and technologies. This continuous development provides a stronger more professional and capable work force, with the direct added benefits being passed on to our valuable clients. We seek out, train and employ knowledgeable security industry professionals who work in conjunction with our commonly shared company vision.